Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship Part 2

Back in September, I wrote about my relationship with the dishwasher.  I guess those feelings were deep inside me because we are replacing the dishwasher, along with the refrigerator, stove, and microwave.  Oh, and the cabinets and the countertops.  Our kitchen remodel started this morning, and I have those love/hate feelings again.  I love my new cabinets and appliances.  I hate the fact the all of my plates, pots, pans, spoons, knives, glasses, and junk is sitting in the dining room.  I hate the fact that it is just day one, and I can't figure out what to cook my family for dinner tonight.  I love the fact that we are going to have to go out to eat tonight!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship

According to the Macmillan Dictionary, the definition of a love-hate relationship is the following:  a relationship in which your feelings about someone or something often change between love and hate.

Everyone has that relationship.  It could be with your brother.  It could be with your car.  It could be with your spouse.  For me, it is the relationship I have with the dishwasher.

When the dishwasher is empty, it's a beautiful thing.  You just fill it up with your dirty spoons, dishes, and forks.  You keep loading things in it until every space is full.  In our house, that takes about four days.  I love to load the dishwasher.  I love when it gets full, and I just have to flip the switch for the dishes to become clean.

I HATE to unload the dishes.  I hate it.  It is a task that takes less than 15 minutes (it could probably take five minutes to do for a normal person) yet it seems to take hours to get done.  You have to open the dishwasher, take out the utensils, walk across the kitchen, open the drawer, and then sort things away.  Once that is done, you have to go back to the dishwasher and start all over again -- the cups, the dishes, the spoons, etc.  It seems like torture to me.

But....once everything is put away, the dishwasher is empty, and I fall in love all over again.  Then again, maybe it's not love-hate.  Maybe it's just laziness.

FYI -- I have also fallen in love with FINISH® Dishwasher Cleaner.  I used it a few weeks ago, and my dishwasher is cleaning things like it did when he and I first met.

Until next time.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Small Step At a Time

Why the name Buttercream B*tch?  Glad you asked.  I like to bake cakes, and baking cakes requires me to make icing.  And making icing makes my husband angry because I won't let him taste any of the icing until the cake is officially done.  One night while I was making a baby shower cake, I kicked him out of the kitchen.  It was at that point he named me the "Buttercream B*tch".  I thought it would make a great name for a bakery.  Since I don't have the money or the time to open a bakery, I thought I would use the name for this blog.

This is my first step into the world of blogging.  I saw the movie "Julie and Julia".  I liked it.  I read blogs that a college friend does.  I read blogs that tell me which grocery store has the best deals -- and how to use coupons.  I figured that if I was reading blogs, then someone out there would read my blog.  The question is -- who?  Who is reading this?  I guess you and me will have to stay tuned to find out.