Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simple (and Inexpensive) Gifts for Teachers

If you are the parent (or guardian) of a school-age child, then you know that it is Teacher Appreciation Week.  If you haven't thanked your child's teacher, be sure to do so.  Can you imagine having to deal with 25 kids for up to eight hours a day, five days a week?  I'm wiped out after leading a Girl Scout troop for an hour every other week.  More power to teachers.

I wanted my daughter to give a little something extra to her teachers this week to show her appreciation.  Time was not on my side, and I needed something quick and easy (and, let's admit it, cheap).  I searched the web, and found this cute idea using a soda bottle.

You won't need a lot of things to put these together.  In fact, you might have this stuff on hand right now.  Gather the following: A 2 liter of soda, some card stock, a pen or marker, a hole puncher, ribbon, and scissors.  You'll also need to grab this sweet tag courtesy of Tammy Mitchell Photography.

How many tags you print depends on how many gifts you want to make.  Make sense?
Cut the tags, and glue or tape them on to card stock.  This will give them tag some "weight", so it will hopefully not tear.  Be sure to have your child sign the tag.  The teacher needs to know who the gift is from!  Using your hole puncher, punch a hole (say that 3 times fast) in the top left hand corner.  Tie the tag to the bottle, and BOOM!  Gift complete.

We didn't want the school nurse to be left out this week, because it is also Nurses Appreciation Week.  My daughter and the school nurse are on a first name basis, as my daughter is in that office at least 3 times a week.  Can you say hypochondriac?  We searched the web again, and found this easy "Thanks A Latte" gift idea. 

Here's what you need: a disposable coffee cup (yes, I the world....just give it a rest for now), single serve coffee packets, single serve creamers, a chocolate bar (just a little something sweet), ribbon, card stock and these adorable tags.

Print out the tags, and glue/tape them to the card stock (again, you want these to have a little weight to them).  Place the coffee, creamer, and candy in the cup, and place the lid of top.  Punch a hole in the tag, and tie it to cup.  You now have a gift ready to hand out. 
Even if you don't make these cute gifts for the teachers, please be sure to say this simple phrase: Thank You.  A little kindness does go a long way.